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"A smile doesn't cost us anything, but it gives us a lot…. It enriches the one who receives it without making the poorer the one who donates it. It only lasts a moment, but the memory of it remains forever. A smile creates happiness in the family, supports the goodwill of the business and is a password for friendship. It encourages fatigue, encourages discouragement, and is a bright ray for the sad. A smile is the best antidote for sadness and anxiety. It cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen because it is something that is of no value unless it is donated by the heart. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Donate them with yours, because the one who does not have it is most in need! "
(unknown English author).

Smile is nature's most beautiful creation. Ever wondered why there are no ugly brides? Or why are young children "cute"? It's very simple - because they are smiling! If each of us smiles once more every day than our previous one, our lives and the world around us will become more beautiful and better. Smile is the most powerful weapon known to man! Try it! Smile at someone who comes to offend or hurt you! Usually he is so amazed at this reaction that he forgets why he came!

We have often heard them say, "Count to 20, and then respond!" We would add, "Smile while you count to 20!" !

Wake up with a smile! It's easy to do! If you are thinking of something nice and beautiful as you fall asleep, then by the next morning the smile will be on your lips and waiting for you! Stop explaining how complicated, difficult and fast-paced our lives are, and we don't even have time to smile because it's not like that at all !!! There is always time for a smile! Just give it a try! Answer the phone with a smile! The person opposite will see her in your voice and he will be pleased! So you've already done 1/3 of the work you have to do with it! And if it's close - even better! Think of your loved ones with a smile, whether they are good or bad, whether they have just offended you or intend to please you. A smile is priceless! It helps people to be better! But above all, it helps those who smile!